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California Small Business Loan

Posted by on July 19, 2016
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The first year of building a business is most accurately described as jumping off of a cliff and building the parachute as you fall. Often it feels like you’re plummeting toward the ground with uncontrollable speed, other times like you’re blissfully floating and admiring the scenery.

In order to make it through their first year, business owners must withstand the fluctuations between floating and falling. Once the rhythm of business becomes more predictable, attention shifts to methods of optimizing operations and attracting bigger clients and/or customers.

Often it only takes one big client or new order to require a sudden, rapid expansion in resources and bandwidth.

Say the call comes in from your ideal client. The one that you built this business to serve. They want to move forward with your proposal and have the budget to pay for it. As you say yes to all of their requests, your mind races to figure out how to deliver a project of this unprecedented size and scope. However, you know that with this client project in your portfolio, your business will move into its next phase of growth. You strap on your parachute, and jump.

In a short amount of time, you need to assemble a larger team. The team requires new computers, software, and will be working overtime. Your office space is bursting at the seams. The client isn’t going to pay you until after the first month of work. So where do you source the capital for all of these new assets? How do you maintain cash flow for overhead costs and other client work?

The best answer, unequivocally, is small business loans.

When a deadline looms for your business, every second counts. Once business owners qualify for loans, they can have access to cash in their accounts in as little as two days. They can quickly negotiate cash rates with suppliers and not worry about extra fees or interest rates incurred using credit. They can assemble the capital they need, and get back to managing the biggest and most exciting project of their careers.

All you have to do is jump.

Find out if you qualify for a small business loan to take your business into its next phase of growth.

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