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Why A Business Loan?

A business owner can take out a business loan for many reasons, including to maintain business operations, invest in equipment, or start a new branch. The biggest reason a business owner takes out a business loan is to increase your working capital during tough economic times or for business expansion opportunities.

What types of documents do I need?

We ask that you have the following documents available:

Bank Statements

* A bank statement is a record of the balance in a bank account.

Tax Statements

* A tax statement is a form of an annual statement of income and personal circumstances.

Verification of lease

* A verification of lease is a verification from your landlord if you rent office space.

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When can I get my money?

We know that small business owners are busy, and when you need capital, we want to get it to you as quickly and easily as possible. We prefer to work with partners who are modernizing their underwriting processes with technology that allows them to get money into your account faster.

Depending on the exact product and provider you choose to work with, the typical funding can take between two days and two weeks. This time range is dependent on how quickly our partners can receive information from you about your business–once they have your financials, they can send that to underwriting to get the process started.

How much can I borrow?


Types of factors considered by Partners LoansOther Loans
Build Business Credit
1-5 Year Repayment Terms
Fixed Interest Rates
Fixed Interest Rates
Low Origination Fees
$0 Charge Early Pay Off

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