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Why An Auto Loan?

Buying a car is exciting, but deciding whether to pay cash or get an auto loan may be difficult. An auto loan can help you keep your savings where it belongs. An auto loan also allows you to buy a better car than you could normally afford, it’s easier to get approved, and the payments are fixed.

What types of documents do I need?

We ask that you have the following documents available:

Bank Statements

* A bank statement is a record of the balance in a bank account.


* A printed statement of the amount an employee is paid.

Proof of Insurance

* A document to show a valid insurance policy with an insurance company.

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When can I get my money?

We know that you are busy, and when you need money, we want to get it to you as quickly and easily as possible. We prefer to work with partners who are modernizing their underwriting processes with technology that allows them to get money into your account faster.

Depending on the exact product and provider you choose to work with, the typical auto loan can be completed on the same day of applying. This is dependent on how quickly our partners can receive information from you about you–once they have your financials, they can send that to underwriting to get the process started.

How much can I borrow?


Types of factors considered by Partners LoansOther Loans
Fixed Rates
No Down Payment Required
No Fees
No Prepayment Penalty
Paperless Processing

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